It is a great week! The “Women In The Wilderness”  classes have started. There are over 60 amazing women joining me in this spring adventure.  

The naturalist class is learning the basics of the Wilderness Act,  forest ecology, plants, flowers, birds, amphibians, bees/pollinators and learning how to keep a nature journal.  Listening and observing while exploring our beautiful Montana landscape can only be described as inspiring.

Our adventurous hiking classes will learn new skills in bear awareness, navigation, leave no trace principles, gear and pack essentials and wilderness survival while challenging themselves out on the trail.

One of the greater problems we are facing this Spring is finding a trail we can get to.  The snowpack, and consequential melting have left us impassable roads, closed trailheads, and muddy trails!  

The weather forecast for our first hike was rain and snow.  Lucky for us, we only had a few sprinkles. The trail was a bit wet and muddy, the forest smells intoxicating, the signs of Spring everywhere around us.  The gentle transformation from the dark days of Winter to the verdures of Spring are impressive. Don’t miss them!

Nature connects us all on such a deep level. The joys of being outside in the transformation of seasons is astonishing. We tend to put things off in life for many unknown reasons.  Take some time for yourself! I urge you to get outside and be nurtured by nature.

Your choice, your journey, get out there!

Soft Rock
First Hike
2019 Women In The Wilderness I

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