I am beginning to be fluent in silence.  These past few months I have spent more time on the trail then off.  I love it! There is something that makes my heart sing while I am wandering in the woods.  The exquisite beauty of the wildflowers, freshness of air during a spring rain, seeing the artistry in nature is sometimes beyond my comprehension.  

This last week I’ve spent on seven different trails each offering a sense of oneness with nature and an adventure in solitude.  Someone once said a hike is for your mind, a walk for your body and a wander for your soul. I agree…..inner turmoil seems to take a backseat when you are surrounded by beauty and you need to watch each step.

Spring is upon us, the weather changes, birdsong is at its peak, animals awaken and begin their flirtatious dance, wildflowers are bursting with color.  It is a symphony for your senses. Step outside kindred spirit – it’s time to wander!

Waterfall Wandering

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