Bucket List Backpack

Where did June go?  We are already into July. Somehow I got lost for days on end hiking as if nothing else mattered. These long, precious days are nothing to waste.  

No doubt that June held other delightful discoveries for me…nature journaling, lichen discovery, trail clearing, kayaking, hiking, and the bucket list backpack with other women.

Eight other brave and courageous women headed out with me for an overnight backpack.  It was only a three mile trek in, six mile roundtrip, but mercy! Mother nature surrounded us in everything from sleet to sunshine.  

The best news is we did it!  Nine women carrying their own tents, sleeping bags, stoves, water purifiers, various and abundant other “needs”.  It was quite an undertaking for all. 

 After strapping on my backpack, I soon realized I’m not the hiking machine I once was.  My joints and shoulders were in discontent. Seems like we may need another lesson on “ultralight”. 

Our camp was perfect, the waterfall amazing, the wildflowers blanketing the hillside, and the company, well, what can I say?  Nine women enjoying the outdoors together accomplishing more than we had ever imagined!   

And so June mysteriously disappeared as trails were hiked and cleared, flowers identified, bucket list items fulfilled.  It’s not where you take the trail, it’s where the trail takes you. Happy Hiking!

Lake Como Backpack Trip

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