Autumn Days

Autumn Days…..Meandering on the trail when the sun shines warm, or more of a walk/run when the wind blows and it is a bit chilly.  I love the sound of the leaves rustling under my boots as I move down the trail. Lately its been the crunching of snow that has appeared during the cold October we experienced. 

It’s that time of year, the days are getting shorter, the birds are heading south, and the cold feels so much colder.  The trees are turning brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red and losing their beauty to create a much needed carpet on the forest floor. Their earthy smell intoxicating – preparing us for the next season.  The cycle of seasons.

It feels good to be in the woods, even with the first snow of the season.  Snow is expected in the mountains, but shocking when it comes down as the autumn leaves are still clinging to the trees.

I love to see the flurry of snowflakes falling to the ground, slowly accumulating.  The stillness in the air, on the trail, and the complete stark feeling of solitude. A time to stop, a time to reflect.  Darkness will come earlier as the days get shorter. Time to put on that blaze orange, and head down the trail.

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